Biocompatibility Testing in Rockford IL

If you are concerned about the biocompatibility of the materials used to restore your teeth, we recommend having a biocompatibility test. This test only requires a blood sample and it can be determine which of our dental materials are best suited for you!


BioComp is a specialized laboratory dedicated to the investigation of dental material reactivity. The end result is the Biocompatibility test, a comprehensive report that simply states whether the dental materials are Highly Reactive, Moderately Reactive, or Least Reactive. This information allows the individual to learn about and avoid dental toxicity by using as many least reactive materials as possible.


Biocompatibility testing can be useful for any patient who is preparing for dental procedure and who would like to have some additional peace of mind that the materials proposed for use are not likely to induce adverse bio-reactivity. Additionally, there are several groups of patients who might derive special benefits from the added safety of materials reactivity pre-assessment testing.

 Test tubes with blue liquid for biocompatibility testing

Some of these groups include:

  • Any patient who has experienced difficulty with prior materials placement
  • Patients with severe immune-compromised status
  • Patients with identified autoimmune diseases or conditions
  • Endocrine, hepatic or renal compromised patients
  • Patients with universal reactor/environmental illness status
  • Patients with severe allergic problems
  • Patiens with known sensitivity to jewelry, watchbands, clothing fasteners
  • Patients with identified galvanic or bruxing issues
  • Patients who receive daily does of numerous medications
  • Patients facing high-cost, complex restoration projects
  • Patients previously treated by multiple unrelated healthcare professionals

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