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Mayor’s Hunger Luncheon

10/23/2018 – Schmidt Dental is a Level One Sponsor for “Roots and Wings” and was recognized as such at the Mayor’s Hunger Luncheon

Drs. Roger and Pamela Schmidt are proud to be level one sponsors of  “Roots and Wings”, a community-supported agriculture project.  Roots and Wings began in 2002 with the purpose of building authentic relationships in order to motivate, educate, and inspire the community members to grow, get, and eat good food.  The CSA program is a successful socially-oriented urban farm business that increases access to fresh, healthy, affordable food and provides employment opportunities.  Roots and Wings is facilitated by Angelic Organics Learning Center.  If you would like to contact Roots and Wings you can do so at:

Angelic Organics Learning Center

Rockford Office

330 15th Ave

Rockford, IL 61104


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Skinny Coconut Oil Podcast

4/20/2017 – Natural Health 365 interviews Dr. Pamela Schmidt for Podcast

Listen as Dr. Schmidt is interviewed by Jonathan Landsman from Natural Health 365. In this podcast, she discusses the benefits and integrity of Skinny Coconut Oil. It’s the oil we use and recommend to our patients in the practice. We pride ourselves on sourcing out the purest and most natural products in the market and Skinny Coconut Oil is one of the best!

University Of Illinois College of Medicine Dean’s Action Council

10/18/2016 – The Rockford Register Star ran this article.

College of Medicine at Rockford welcomes new council members

The University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford recently welcomed new members to its Dean’s Action Council.  Joining the DAC are Mark and Monika Clodius, Dr. Pamela Schmidt, Christine Stenstrom Jarrett, and Dr. Kris Tumilowicz.  Mike Fager is now past chair with Craig Fetty serving as chair and Elise Cadigan as chair-elect. Barbara Pittman and Karen Johnson retired.  The council comprises community and business leaders who advocate for the university within the Rockford community. For information:

Carpenters Place

Carpenters Place is a local charity that helps homeless men and women get their lives back on track. The guests of Carpenter’s Place must complete a life changing program where they learn skills, find support and build their lives in such a way as to re-establish themselves in the community. We offer dentistry as a means of helping them with their self-esteem and to help promote employment eligibility. You can visit their website at

Carpenter's Place Partners in Success Awards Luncheon, group photo


Helping Hands Award for Drs. Roger and Pamela Schmidt 2015 Celebrate Success Award certificate