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Periosciences: A unique approach to oral care

Historically, oral care products concentrated on eliminating bacteria in the mouth. Alcohol, the primary ingredient in many products, kills bacteria but also dries oral tissue. However, dry tissues create a fertile environment in which bacteria can actually thrive.

Another anti-bacterial agent is hydrogen peroxide, which is included in many breath products as well as in teeth whiteners. Published research has shown that hydrogen peroxide triggers an oxidation process that leads to a condition called oxidative stress—a precursor to inflammation.

The PerioSciences approach is to work in concert with the body’s natural defense system in the oral cavity. Saliva has natural antioxidants and natural anti-bacterial agents. The antioxidants in PerioSciences products complement those in saliva, and our polyphenol components work with the saliva’s antimicrobial agents. Altogether, our natural ingredients are gentle on soft oral tissue, but provide powerful plant-based antioxidants and polyphenols to enhance the salivary system.

Patient-focused benefits

Some oral care products are designed around a certain feature or function: anti-cavity, whitening, anti-bacterial, and so on. The PerioSciences strategy is to develop products that meet the needs of patients, and provide a combination of benefits for their condition. Smokers want ingredients for breath-freshening and for counteracting the negative effects of nicotine. Health-minded people want the most advanced products available for maximizing their oral and systemic health. Some patients want ingredients that can relieve dry mouth or taste changes due to medication. People with serious oral diseases want high-powered products that address infection and inflammation but are also soothing and pleasant to use. The PerioSciences commitment is to develop products that focus on comprehensive oral care benefits for patients.

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