Bone Grafting & Tooth Extractions in Rockford IL

You may need a tooth extraction for any number of reasons. Some teeth are extracted because they are severely decayed; others may have advanced periodontal disease, or have broken in a way that cannot be repaired. Many times, root canal treated teeth abscess and need to be removed. Other teeth may need removal because they are poorly positioned in the mouth (such as impacted teeth), or in preparation for orthodontic treatment.

We guarantee that we will be as gentle as possible. We have extensive training in extractions and can use nitrous (laughing gas), NuCalm, or even anxiety medication to help patients.

After the removal of a tooth, we take extra care to curettage the socket to remove any remaining periodontal ligaments. This ensures there is no remaining infectious tissue. The doctor will also use ozone water and ozone gas to irrigate the area thoroughly and kill any remaining bacteria. This process ensures quick healing and is NOT typically used by other dentists or oral surgeons.

After all the infection is removed, we are also able to place a bone graft to ensure there is enough bone for a dental implant.

Your Teeth Deserve Superior Care

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