Naturally Reduce Dental Anxiety and Stress in Rockford IL

What is the NuCalm System?

Dr. Roger Schmidt, Dr. Pamela Schmidt, Dr. Vanja Cosic and Dr. Dunja Cosic Carlson take a whole-body-wellness approach to dentistry. From safe mercury removal to health coaching we offer services above and beyond your typical dental clinic. The NuCalm system is one more way we express our forward-thinking, total body healing philosophy.

NuCalm is a new technology to help reduce stress, quiet your mind, and place you in a state of deep relaxation. NuCalm is comprised of four components scientifically sequenced to interrupt the adrenaline response (fight or flight) and rapidly guide the mind and body to a deeply relaxed state. This is not sleep dentistry. There are no chemicals or drugs involved. You are fully aware of your surroundings while listening to soothing music. This technology is perfect for fearful or nervous dental patients. It’s also beneficial for anyone who just wants to relax while they are here.

Here’s what patients are saying…

“I had to have a large filling replaced and was rather nervous. When I was in the chair waiting for the procedure to begin, my heart was beating quite fast. Deep breathing helped a bit, but I was still very nervous. Dr. Schmidt asked me if I would like to try the NuCalm system. I said yes, and Dr. Schmidt started the procedure. I did not feel or hear anything unusual and really didn’t know what to expect, but not long into the procedure, I noticed my heart wasn’t beating quite so hard and I was feeling quite calm. When Dr. Schmidt was done, I realized I actually felt great! The coolest thing, I think, was how good I felt when the procedure was all done – there weren’t any odd feelings like the after effect jitters you can sometimes get with an adrenaline rush. Just calm, peaceful, and relaxed. It was really awesome! I highly recommend using this system.”
– Patricia

“Thank you for asking about my experience. Although I love Dr. Pam and Dr. Roger along with all of the hygienists, I do have anxiety when I go to the dentist. The NuCalm was an unbelievably wonderful experience. I would highly recommend this to anyone and am hoping that the next time I come in, it will be available to me.”
– Jacqueline

The physiological benefits of deep relaxation with NuCalm include:

  • Lowering stress (cortisol production)
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Optimizing the immune system, heart, and respiratory health
  • Enhancing focus and memory
  • Balancing hormone cycles
  • Enhancing creativity

Meet NuCalm

From now on, stress is a choice

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